Episode 28: The Tennessee Torture House / The Mysteries of Bear Creek Swamp

Patrice and Marleah drink jalapeno honey margaritas and talk extreme haunted houses, torture porn, inappropriate ghost touching, and Bigfoot’s side hustle.


The Tennessee Torture House //

McKamey Manor is an extreme haunted house in Summertown, TN, that requires a doctor-administered physical and a 10- to 40-page liability waiver to participate. Participants report having their hair pulled out, being waterboarded, tazed, drugged, and dragged behind moving trucks. Is the guy who runs this place a psycho or is he just giving people what they want?

Business is Boo-iong: The World of Extreme Haunts 

McKamey Manor web site 

Tennessee’s McKamey Manor: Torture on Demand, Nashville Scene


The Mysteries of Bear Creek Swamp //

One of Alabama’s oldest swamps, Bear Creek swamp in Autauga County is said to be guarded by Native American spirits. People who wander into the swamp have reported floating lights, apparitions, and missing people, bodies, and Bigfoot!

This Alabama swamp is home to phantom vehicles, porcelain dolls and strange lights
By Jacob Saylor

Creepy doll graveyard found in Alabama swamp  by Marty Roney



Honey Jalapeño Margaritas

by Bartender Courtney
  • 1/2 oz Local Honey
  • 1/2 oz hot water
  • 2 slices Jalapeños from your bartender’s garden
  • 2oz silver tequila (mid to top shelf always with Tequila. Hornitos in this recipe).
  • 1/2 oz Triple Sec
  • 1oz fresh squeezed lime juice
  1. Mix honey and hot water until honey dissolves.
  2. Use slice of lime to moisten the edge of a rocks glass
  3. Dip the glass rim in margarita salt (chunky salt)
  4. In a shaker add the tequila, triple sec, lime juice and the honey mixture. Make sure the honey is dissolved.
  5. Add one to two slices of jalapeño
  6. Fill the shaker with ice
  7. Shake 10-20 seconds
  8. Pour into rocks glass with the jalapeño slices floating
  9. Fill with ice

Drink — and beware the seeds! (PS: Don’t put jalapeño juice anywhere … sensitive. Or anywhere, really.)


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