Episode 33: Tally-ho Tailypo! / The Fouke Monster

Patrice and Marleah drink Pimm’s Cups and talk beaver nuggets, tail-eating mountain men, swamp apes, and the joy of scaring the shit out of kids.

 I Want My Tailypo! //

Tailypo is a creature of North American folklore, particularly in Appalachia. Different versions of this story have been passed down to many as campfire tales – and a lot of folks say it’s the story they still have nightmares about. 

Offbeat Mythology Wiki: Tailypo

Tailypo on Wikipedia

Creepypasta: Tailypo

 The Fouke Monster //

In 1971 the Ford family was attacked in their home by a creature they said was seven feet tall, covered in hair, with large, red eyes, that walked like a man. They moved out of town the next day. Their experience brought monster hunters from across the country to the little town of Fouke, AK, and it spawned a classic B movie, The Legend of Boggy Creek. But the Fouke Monster was around long before the movie, and it’s still being seen today.


Original Legend of Boggy Creek Trailer

Fouke Monster Sightings

The Monster Mart page

Boggy Creek Monster documentary

And Bigfoot Said …


Pimm’s Cup

made Strange by Marleah this week
  • 3/4 C Pimms
  • 1/2 tsp fine sugar
  • 3 TB fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • mint
  • half a cucumber, peeled and sliced
  • two strawberries, halved
  • two orange slices
  • two lemon slices
  • ginger ale
  • ice
  1. Put four slices of cucumber in shaker and smush real good with a muddler or a spoon.
  2. Add lemon juice, Pimms, sugar and ice and shake-a shake-a shake-a.
  3. Grab two tall glasses.
  4. Put two strawberry halves, one orange slice, one cucumber slice, and one lemon slice in each glass. Fill with ice.
  5. Pour Pimms mixture into glasses in equal portions so nobody gets drunker faster.
  6. Top off with ginger ale and a mint sprig.


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