Episode 35: The Yazoo Witch // The Polk County Pot Plane

Patrice and Marleah drink good old classic mimosas and talk vengeful witch rants, quicksand, grave chains, pot, car chases, and Doosh.

 The Yazoo River Witch //

A Mississippi witch who lured men to their deaths in improbable ways prophesied – caused? – a 1904 fire that burned the whole town! Even chains couldn’t keep this bitch in the ground.

The Witch of Yazoo still haunts the town she burned by Therese Apel

This Mississippi Legend Will Send Chills Down Your Spine by Catherine Armstrong

The Polk County Pot Plane //

In August of 1975, a DC4 plane landed in the woods on Treat Mountain, GA, with a cargo of 3200 pounds of marijuana and 85 kilos of hash. The escapade, while definitely not one-of-a-kind, provided a lot of in-town entertainment, and was made two years later into a painfully hilarious car chase film called “In Hot Pursuit.”

Just watch the movie. 



Classic Mimosa

made Strange by Marleah 
  • Extra dry champagne
  • Orange juice
  • grenadine if you feel fancy
  1. Pour some champagne.
  2. Pour some OJ in it.
  3. Top with grenadine till it’s pretty.

It’s not hard.



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