Episode 43: Season of the Witch / Goatman Ate My Brat!

Happy Halloween 2019! LIVE from the Goat Haus Biergarten in Montgomery, AL! Patrice and Marleah drink Whiskey Sours and talk naughty broomsticks, cracking a nut, backwoods horror, and why you should always count your friends at a party.  

Season of the Witch //

Sexy Halloween has been a thing since before Halloween was a thing. Celtic Samhain celebrations are the origin point of many Halloween traditions, and Appalachia kept more of these alive and intact than other regions. The silent supper is one of the weirdest of these.

Hold your own silent supper!

Dumb supper” story from Ozark Healing 

Halloween Postcards collection

Ridin Dirty by Nell Frizzell

The Quaker Pagan: Samhain Is My Fertility Festival

Samhain: An Introduction to its Mythology and Folklore

Why Apple Bobbing Is Actually a Female Fertility Ritual

Why Do Witches Ride Broomsticks?


Goatman Ate My Brat! //

Huntsville must be voodoo.

Anansi’s Goatman Story


Plain Old Whiskey Sour with Jack Daniels Rye and fresh squeezed lemons!




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