Episode 49: Hell is Hot Hot Hot / I Know Moonrise

Episode 49: Hell Is Hot Hot Hot // I Know Moonrise

Patrice and Marleah drink hot toddies (again) and try not to infect you through your listening devices while they talk sex pits, folk art, marsh paths, and murderous little aunts.

Hell Is Hot Hot Hot //

If you drive County Road 86 from Prattville, AL, you can’t miss it. Tall crosses looming above you on either side of the road, over three acres of hill. Castaway appliances, plywood, makeshift signs covered in warnings: No Ice Water in Hell. You Will Die. Sex Pit. Help Me Jesus. This is WC Rice’s Miracle Cross Garden.

Cross Garden: Hell’s Warning Label on Roadside America 

WC Rice’s Jesus at The Smithsonian 

William C. Rice’s Cross Garden 

Check out the Strange Universe episode on WC Rice:



I Know Moonrise //

The marshes of the South are not safe places to go. Hidden holes, floating lights, goddamn snakes. But for one young boy, the marshes held a special danger: a singing ghost that only had eyes for him.


I Know Moonrise retold by S.E. Schlosse



Hot Toddy

By Us, Every Freaking Day
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Hot water
  • Whiskey
  • (BATH TUB)


  • Squeeze in honey.
  • Add whiskey.
  • Squeeze in lemon.
  • Add whiskey.
  • Pour in very hot water.
  • Top with whiskey.
  • Breathe steam into your mucus-filled face. And for God’s sake, stop coughing.


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