Episode 57

Episode 57: She Turned Me Into a Horse // Vegetable Man Wants Blood

Patrice and Marleah try quarantine recording via Skype with BYO Quarantinis. On this episode: prison toilets, witch hunts, lots of vodka, and a cryptid with a stupid name.

She Turned Me Into a Horse //

Bad luck and an epidemic of demonic Yellow Fever had the “good” folk of 1792 Fairfield County, South Carolina looking for someone to blame. New progressive religious sect? Helpful healer people? Dear ol’Ma? Ding! Ding! Ding! Yes! Yes! And yes!

Vegetable Man Wants Blood //

In 1968, Jennings Frederick saw a terrifying green cryptid in the woods of West Virginia. He is the only person to ever report a sighting of the ridiculously named Vegetable Man … which technically means it can’t be a cryptid, but — shut up! Would you rather talk about coronavirus?!


BYO Quarantini

Made Strange by Bartender Courtney


  • Whatever bottle you have on hand


  • Turn it up, bitches.

Now go wash your hands.

Leaves Border


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