Episode 61

Episode 61: Ghosts of The Myrtles // Abracadabra: The Mosquito!

Patrice, Marleah, and Bartender Courtney drink and drink. We think we talked about pandemic malaise, the hauntingest house in the South, and swarms. of. mosquitos.

Ghosts of The Myrtles //

The Myrtles Plantation in St Fransicville, Louisiana, has all the ghosts. Seriously, it’s lucky they left any for the rest of us. Murder victims, soldiers, floating children, orbs, disembodied voices, invisible pianists – and they want you to come sleep over.

Maismas, Ma(r)laria, & Mosquitos //

Look up in the sky! Is it a cloud of evil? Is it a fog of foulness? Is it certain death?! If you said yes to all three of these…then you know about the world’s deadliest preditor and the bane of Southern Summers…the Mosquito.


Whatever you got.


Leaves Border


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