Episode 65

Episode 65: The Water Walkers // Remember the Alamos

Patrice and Marleah drink Bartender Courtey’s Honey Jalapeno Margaritas and talk radical resistance, cult mentality, and supercons.

The Water Walkers //

In the 30s, the Federal Writers Project recorded a story about a group of Africans who, when they stepped onto the shore of St. Simons island and realized they were going to be enslaved there, turned right around and walked across the water back home. We talk the history behind the folk tale: the story of the Igbo landing.

The Igbo Landing Story told by IGBO AREA TV

Remember the Alamos //

Double the evil, double the con. The Alamos are the “religious” cult leaders we don’t remember and that’s bad!



Honey Jalapeno Margaritas

By Bartender Courtney

Leaves Border

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