Episode 7: Mr. Spaghetti Arms / Karma’s a Bitch


Patrice & Marleah bring back their favorite southern cocktail, Purple Haze and reiterate the problem with people who rent large beautiful old homes and then who don’t learn their lessons from Poltergeist. Red Flags people!

Patrice continues her strange people of the South fascination by talking about how the townsfolk of Florence, AL have gotten their 150 years and counting act of vengeance on one loose Booger.




The Strange South’s Favorite*
Purple Haze (See: Episode 3)


2 responses to “Episode 7: Mr. Spaghetti Arms / Karma’s a Bitch”

  1. Carmen Elizabeth Espinosa Avatar
    Carmen Elizabeth Espinosa

    Hey all! Just now listening to this episode and I wanted to comment. I cannot go into details about my job because it involves minors, but I do believe that my “office” building would be defined as “haunted.” Both the children that I work with and I have either heard or seen things or both. You were asking how someone could continue to live in a haunted house. I can only speak from experience, but it has been pretty easy. The ghosts that I have encountered at my job site are pretty chill. You will see them once in a while, or hear footsteps. The footsteps stop when you ask them politely to stop and in the three years I have worked here, they have shown no signs of malicious behavior, They just want to pop in and say hi once in a while. I know that not everyone has such a low-key experience (not even in other areas of my workplace), but, for me, it’s really not that big of a deal.

    1. Patrice Avatar

      Hi, Carmen! First, thanks for listening, and thanks for sharing your experience! Listen to Episode 120 and we will give you a shoutout

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