Episode 72: The Hoaxist Road in Alabama and 10 Legged Nightmares*

Drink what you got! Marleah, Patrice, and Bartender Courtney toast to being socially distanced this Thanksgiving while talking about an Alabama dirt road and M*&#*? F*#%*@! SPIDERS! (Thanks, Marleah.)

* Seriously, they have 10 legs. 8 to walk with and 2 to use AS HANDS!!!!

The Hoaxist Road in Alabama //

When you type “Jack Cole Road” into Google search, you will be flooded with results of the hauntingly bizarre stories surrounding this road. Jack Cole Road appears on virtually every list of “Most Haunted Places in Alabama”… but is it really haunted or is this just an attempt to get a small, Alabama town on the map?

10 Legged Nightmares //

Creepy crawlies of the South in three parts – Good News Bees, The Annual Wooly Worm Festival, and the University of Alabama doctor who made a black widow bite him ON PURPOSE.

2017 Wooly Worm Festival Race



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