Episode 99: Ye Arseholes! // The Atlanta Blood House

Patrice and Marleah drink what’s on hand and talk witch ducking, demon suckle-teats, and bathroom blood fountains.

Ye Arseholes! //

“So, logically– If she weighs the same as a duck…she’s made of wood. And therefore? A witch!”

— Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Patrice follows a recommendation from listener Ashley to delve into the last woman to be charged with witchcraft in the state of Virginia, Grace Sherwood of Pungo!

The Atlanta Blood House //

Did a couple’s Atlanta house actually start spouting blood from the floors one night in 1987? Was it a poltergeist? The spirit of a man whose killer went unpunished? A rando off the street scrambling along the floors? A racoon? Minnie and Willie Winston don’t care. They just want you to go home.




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